Vagabonding: Tales from the Road
Sunset on West Railay Beach, southern Thailand
West Railay Beach on the southwest coast of Thailand was one of those idylic places where time could just drift away.  Although part of the mainland, it was only accessible by boat, keeping us at rest for a couple of weeks in December.
After a few months back at home, our adventures in Asia and South America are fading to a dream state.  We're still trying to adjust.  Eight months of living out of a backpack can make you wonder...

Carol and I set out in September 2002, landing first in Bangkok, Thailand and exploring from there.  By the time we returned home to Canada at the end of April, we had visited 11 countries and crossed the equator eight times.

Our trip had been five years in the planning stages, and our itinerary and destinations had changed several times along the way.  At one point we even had air tickets to Kathmandu, but that will now have to wait till our next trip.

Eight months on the road though is not so much a holiday as an adopted lifestyle.  Turns out there are many independent travelers doing much the same as us.  Every day was a learning experience, and though far from family and friends, we were not without community.  We met some great folks along the way, both locals and international travelers, and through the magic of e-mail and the Internet, have been able to keep in touch with many of our new friends.  It's been fun.

We spent our first four months in southeast Asia, heading over to Australia for Christmas and the New Year, then to Bali for some very quiet times, back across the Pacific and down into South America for a couple more months.  We were often tempted to keep going, sometimes it's nice just to wander...

We've often been asked which was our favourite country.  That's hard to say, there isn't a country we visited that we wouldn't like to go back to.  Each had its own little charms and surprises.  Although it had not been a conscious part of our plan, we ended up visiting 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and they were all really interesting, both visually and culturally.  We returned with a fine pile of photographs.

We also returned with a greater appreciation of Canada's role in the world.  We live in a wealthy and for the most part, compassionate, country, but we were always impressed with the warmth, generosity and awareness of so many people throughout the Third World.  There's always more to explore, with adventures waiting to unfold.

Come on along and explore it with us...

Gary and Carol at home in Regina
Back at home in Saskatchewan in May, 2003.  After eight months on the road it was nice to be back among family and friends.
Carol and Gary at Machu Picchu
We reached Machu Picchu, the "Lost City of the Incas", on the Equinox in March 2003.
On the Mekong River in northern Laos
Sunset on the Mekong River near Luang Prabang in northern Laos, October 2002.  We arrived here after a two day trip on the Mekong River slow boat from northern Thailand.  Luang Prabang, a quiet little town and UNESCO World Heritage Site, was one of the highlights of our eight month journey.
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