Tales from the Road: Victoria
At the Loch Ard Gorge on Australia's Great Ocean Road, the seas have carved huge caves and bridge formations out of the rock.  The area is also known as the Shipwreck Coast, a sombre testament to the wind and the waves.
January 7 -- I've now survived two full days of driving on Australia's highways, well one of them at least, and I must say that driving on the left hand side of the road can be a considerable challenge.

I'm not sure that the Great Ocean Road, on Victoria's south coast, was the best place to start.  It's a spectacular drive, or so Carol tells me, with lots of twists and turns and cliffside vistas.  I'm just glad we upgraded the rental car to an automatic transmission.

It's usually not that hard to remember that you're supposed to be on the left hand side, it's mostly those awkward moments when you go to put on your turn signals and get the windshield wipers instead, or when you go to shift gears and start rolling down your window.  And then there's that annoying little thing about the mirrors not being in the right place.

It's been four months since I've driven a vehicle, and as I think about it, most of the places we've been to, I wouldn't want to have attempted driving anyway.

January 5 -- Today we visited a place called Hanging Rock, which is actually many rocks, a big hill of jumbled rocks all tossed together with trails and caves and great views of the Victoria countryside.  You could wander around here for hours, which we did, until Heather and Elspeth got hungry and cracked open the picnic lunch.  We had come to the park with our old friend Cam Ford and his two daughters.

Hanging Rock is a place where, on a school outing on February 14th, 1900, four young girls "disappeared" for hours.  One was never found and the others had no recollection of what happened to them.  I figure the aliens got 'em.  This whole event later became the subject of Peter Weir's film Picnic at Hanging Rock.  Our picnic was a lot less eventful.

The Twelve Apostles are one of those classic Australian land forms that you'll find on calendars and postcards, usually photographed at sunset.  We only got dark stormy skies for our visit, but it was pretty dramatic anyway.
At Hanging Rock, somewhere in Victoria, Australia
Heather, Elspeth and Cam Ford, along with Carol somewhere up near the top of Hanging Rock.

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