Gallery B

"Near Sherwood Forest" "Solstice sunrise"
Near Sherwood Forest, Saskatchewan Solstice sunrise
"Near Blackstrap Lake" "Somewhere under a rainbow" "Sunrise, Wascana Lake"
Near Blackstrap Lake Somewhere under a rainbow Sunrise, Wascana Lake
"Early morning trail" "Summer storm #2"
Early morning trail Summer storm #2
"In its simplest form, the camera becomes a companion, an opportunity to share and retell some of my explorations and discoveries.  They don't have to be profound or unique on the prairie, landscape forms are generally subtle and understated.  But it is here that the light itself can take on a significant and emotional role.  Natural light can establish and elicit a wide range of moods, and when we capture and transform it through the medium of photography, that's when we're communicating, that's when it works."
Gary Robins, from the exhibitionLight Moves
"South of Batoche" "Dusk, near Wakaw"
South of Batoche Dusk, near Wakaw

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